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Reinstatement as the primary remedy
Discrimination in recruitment
Qualifying period for unfair dismissal protection; casuals
General protections multiple actions
Assessing compensation for unfair dismissal


Absences from work
Adverse action
Annual leave
Award and agreement free
Award entitlements
Breach of contract
Bringing actions for unfair dismissal
Bullying at work
Carer's leave
Casual employees
Compensation for unfair dismissal
Compensation in employment
Conditions of employment
Constructive dismissal
Consultation required in the workplace
Contract of employment terms
Criminal convictions and the workplace
Defamation in the workplace
Demotion at work
Disciplinary action in the workplace
Discrimination at work
Dismissal procedures
Dismissal remedies
Dress codes in the workplace
Drug testing in the workplace
Duty of care
Email policies
Employee incentive scemes
Employee records
Employee rights
Employee rights in a transfer of business
Employees' duties
Employment Advice
Employment contracts and the law
Employment remuneration issues
Enforcing employment contracts
Enterprise agreements
Enterprise bargaining
Equal Opportunity
Fair Work Act
Fair Work Commission practice direction
Fair Work Commission procedures
Fair Work Ombudsman
Fair Work procedures
Fair Work remedies
Fair work system
Fair Work time limits
Fixed term contracts
Flexible working arrangements
General protections
Grounds for dismissal
Guarantee of annual earnings
Harassment at work
High income threshold
How workplace rights are protected
Implied terms and conditions of employment
Independent contractors
Individual flexibility arrangements
Industrial action
Industrial awards
Industrial torts
Instructions by an employer
Interesting cases
Internet at work
Interpreting awards and enterprise agreeents
Lawful and reasonable directions
Legal issues in employment
Legal Professional Privilege
Legal representation
Long service leave
Lying in enterprise bargaining
Managing poor performance
Minimum entitlements
Misconduct out of hours
Mobile phone records
Modern awards
NES paid leave
Notice periods for termination of employment
Offer of alternative employment
Onus of proof
Parental and maternity leave
Parental leave
Payment of remuneration
Position descriptions
Privacy in the workplace
Procedural fairness
Protected industrial action
Public holidays
Qualifying periods of employment
Racial villification in the workplace
Recording conversations in the workplace
Recovering entitlements
Recruitment laws
Redundancy concepts
Remedies in employment law
Representation in the Fair Work Commission
Restraints of trade
Rosters and working hours
Salary, wages and remuneration
Settlement deed
Severance payments
Sexual harassment in the workplace
Sick leave
Social media in the workplace
Soicial media in the workplace
Springboard principle
Summary/instant dismssal
Support person
Termination of employment
Termination of Employment and Probation
Termination of employment by small businesses
Termination of empoyment
The Australian system of employment regulation
Time limits
Transmission/transfer of business
Tribunal procedures
Unfair dismissal
Unfair dismissal and small businesses
Visa laws and the workplace
Visa workng rights
Wages and salary
Western Australian workplace rights laws
Withholding entitlements
Workers compensation rights
Workplace bullying
Workplace health and safety
Workplace Right
Workplace rights
Wrongful dismissal
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Fair Work Act

High income threshold

The high income threshold if very important for the application of the Fair Work Act.  The threshold is currently $129,300. There are three significant implications of the threshold . Firstly an employee whose income exceeds the threshold cannot access the unfair dismissal jurisdiction of the Fair Work Commission unless a modern award applies to his or her employment.
Secondly, employees who are covered by a modern award but who have entered into a written guarantee of annual earnings which exceeds the threshold will not be entitled to rely upon other award conditions, but will be able to access the unfair dismissal jurisdiction.

Protected industrial action

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